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Angel Thompson - "The Astrology of Feng Shui"
By:  Ivan Halvorson

Feng Shui has arrived in America. Many of China's guarded secrets are now available for the betterment of all Americans. Healing herbs and vegetables, acupuncture, the wisdom of Confucius and Tao, the dance of Tai Chi and now magical art of Feng Shui are here to enhance our lives. Closely guarded for thousands of years, the secrets of Feng Shui are now ours to enjoy. This is the gift Angel Thompson of Venus California brought to the members of the ASA in her lectures.

Angel Thompson is an astrologer and Feng Shui expert. Over the last 20 years Angel has advised clients, from poor to wealthy, on how to organize their homes to take advantage "chi", the cosmic life force energy that fills the universe.

Friday's lecture

Fortunately astrologers know exactly where every planet will be in the future and what blessings and troubles to expect. With this knowledge applied to the principals of Feng Shui we can organize our home and office to take advantage of unseen forces in the universe. Feng Shui allows us to arrange our space to minimize troubles and maximize success.

Here is a brief outline of the procedure. First you need a compass to determine the orientation of the building. Next you draw a floor plan of the building with the south walls on the top of the drawing. Then you center your reallocated birth horoscope over the floor plan of the building. Orient the mid heaven to the south wall of the building, the ascendant to the east and the descendent to the west. Now each house and planet in the chart will fall in one of eight equal sections of the floor plan; north, north-west, west, south-west, south, south-east, east, or north-east.

With this completed, the building can be thought of as a Zodiac with the "houses" and "planets" in their respective areas. Let's start with the meaning of the houses.


The following is a list of the astrological houses and their influence in Feng Shui:

First House: represents all entries/openings; the front door or face of the house, the gate or threshold, the front yard, lobby, reception areas and vestibule.

Second House: represents the basic raw materials, construction methods and decorations; including home and office furnishings, gazebos, flower gardens, shrubbery, vegetable gardens, lawns yard and landscaping.

Third House: represents the enclosed connectors, hallways, corridors and stairways. It also includes heating ducts, water pipes, chimney flu, electrical connectors, telephone, TV and computer.

Fourth House: represents things that hold up the structure and make it "go". In particular, parts underground; the basement, cellar foundations, pillars and lower floors. Inside the home it represents the kitchen, counter space, sink, pantry, appliances, formal and informal dining rooms. It also rules the water heater, water tank, tap water, sump pump.

Fifth House: represents areas designated for fun and heating; children, playroom, nursery, studio, game room, sun room, main hall, ball room, living room den or TV room, swimming pools, gyms, decks, play areas, patios and patio doors. It also represents heating system components, fireplace, hearth, furnace and AC.

Sixth House: represents the areas of the house concerned with health, work habits, hobbies and pets. These include medicine cabinets, sewing, laundry, hobby and sick rooms, study and work areas where important papers are kept and bills are paid. It also represents dressing rooms, wardrobes and areas where our pets live.

Seventh House: represents the exits and back doors, including the back porch. Inside it represents the decor, curtains, works of art and decorative objects.

Eighth House: represents bathrooms, toilets, drains, compost pile, exhaust vent, septic system and sewer drains.

Ninth House: represents the upper floors and balconies, also the library, reading room, day room and study.

Tenth House: represents the attic, ceiling roof and joists. It also represents the coldest part of the house as well as walls, partitions, formal dining room and in-home office.

Eleventh House: represents the openings to the world; windows, skylights, picture and bay windows.

Twelfth House: represents the areas behind the walls, storage areas, store rooms, cabinets, shelving, cupboards, closets, sleeping rooms, and side doors. Outside it represents the drainage of land and fire exits.  


The following is a list of the planets their influence in each of the eight sections of the building:

Sun in north: ego strengthened by inner resources. Sun in north-west: ego strengthened by entrepreneurial activity. Sun in west: ego is influenced and challenged by others. Sun in south-west: head of family; relationships are important. Sun in south: external prominence and confidence. Sun in south-east: ego strengthened by money. Sun in east: vibrant leader, vital and strong ego. Sun in north-east: master teacher, trainer; ego strengthened by knowledge.

Moon in north: strong loyalties over ride personal needs. Moon in north-west: mind rules emotions. Moon in west: willing to take on the pain of humanity. Moon in south-west: emotions are tossed by relationships and external opinions. Moon in south: pulse of humanity finds expression. Moon in south-east: emotions colored by possessions. Moon in east: impressions influence change. Moon in north-east: Years in therapy, searching for self.

Mercury in north: small worries become big problems. Mercury in north-west: the ultimate network person. Mercury in west: talking "at" people without success. Mercury in south-west: communication smoothes relationships. Mercury in south: words have power, choose them carefully. Mercury in south-east: talk is cheap. Mercury in east: Communication is the major focus. Mercury in north-east: tendency to talk about how much you know.

Venus in north: people like you for who you are. Venus in north-west: iron fist in a velvet glove. Venus in west: people who love to please; pleasurable relationships. Venus in south-west: attracts love and affection. Venus in south: people like you for your success. Venus in south-east: people like you for your generosity (money). Venus in east: pretty, talented and social. Venus in north-east: you like to learn and people like you for what you can teach them.

Mars in north: natural forces are a source of power. Mars in north-west: empire builder. Mars in west: endings take up a lot of energy.  Mars in south-west: passionate about family and sex is important. Mars in south: life in the fast lane.  Mars in south-east: work hard for money.  Mars in east: impulsive and head strong.  Mars in north-east: dare devil; always trying something new; passion for knowledge.

Jupiter in north: dignity of opinion from an armchair.  Jupiter in north-west: sales person par-excellence.  Jupiter in west: compassionate snob.  Jupiter in south-west: high standards in relationships.  Jupiter in south: prominent position gained from goodness.  Jupiter in south-east: fortunate investments and big spender.   Jupiter in east: optimistic and energetic.  Jupiter in north-east: seeker of knowledge; perpetual student.

Saturn in north: little goes a long way.  Saturn in north-west: traditional standards expand horizons.  Saturn in west: caution when crossing others.  Saturn in south-west: delay marriage and family; takes commitments seriously.  Saturn in south: laws of world and universe are clear; can not brake cosmic law.  Saturn in south-east: Miser and long term investor, mover and slow accumulator.  Saturn in east: follow the leader; power behind the throne.   Saturn in north-east: traditional values demand structured learning.

Uranus in north: out of bounds is right at home.  Uranus in north-west: fine art of deal making.  Uranus in west: problems with commitment and intimacy.  Uranus in south-west: unconventional relations or space in relationships.  Uranus in south: independent world view; changes can be disruptive or unsettling.  Uranus in south-east: sudden swings in net worth; lucky.  Uranus in east: restless innovation; longing for more freedom.  Uranus in north-east: flashes of brilliance add to knowledge.

Neptune in north: hermit longing for expression.  Neptune in north-west: willing to sacrifice self for a good cause.  Neptune in west: mysterious partners; sacrifice for partners.  Neptune in south-west: romantic idealist; codependent victim.  Neptune in south: mystic in the mist.  Neptune in south-east: imagination with money; ability to sacrifice the immediate for long term goals.  Neptune in east: sensitive and weak ego; selfless and self sacrificing.   Neptune in north-east: UFO buff; ghost hunter; knowledge behind the value.

Pluto in north: living in a pressure cooker.  Pluto in north-west: power to control or destroy on moments notice; no feelings.  Pluto in west: mass hysteria; life long counseling.  Pluto in south-west: fear of intimacy; fear of abandonment; jealousy.  Pluto in south: temptations challenge the spirit; seeker of fame, fortune and glory.  Pluto in south-east: gold digger; philanthropist; secret benefactor.   Pluto in east: tossed between saint and sinner.  Pluto in north-east: research in depth; digging for deep knowledge.

With this knowledge we can organize our environments to facilitate the positive flow of energy in ways that will enhance the quality of our lives.

May the Chi be with you.

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