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All members of the Arizona Society of Astrologers are required to accept and to conform to the following Code of Ethics as a condition of membership.

I agree that, in all my relations with an individual and/or client, I will be guided by the highest principles of honor and integrity.

I agree to hold inviolate any confidence reposed in me by an individual and/or client or any confidential or private information obtained by me through astrological means in respect to an individual and/or client on the same basis of practice prescribed as ethical by physicians and attorneys.

I agree not to discuss the horoscopes of individuals in public, nor to write about them for publication without their written permission, or I will confine my observation to factors in his or her life which are commonly regarded as public property due to (a) the position he or she has attained in the arts, politics and other places of leadership, or to (b) his or her celebrity or notoriety.

I agree to make a clear distinction at all times between the improper use of astrology as a form of fortune-telling, or a pretense of powers to predict specific future events with absolute certainty, and its proper use as a technique for determining the probabilities in human events, and to this end I agree further:

A.  If my conclusions are based on anything other than an astrological chart calculated for a definite geographical location and an equally definite year, month, day and hour, I will indicate this fact.

B.  In view of the general public tendency to interpret the words "predict" and "prediction" as implying a claim of specific ability to forecast future events in the fortune-telling sense, I will avoid the use of these words without definite qualification, speaking rather of "indications" or whatever other astrological language suggests "probability" in a truer scientific sense.

I agree to make no use of astrology in connection with promotion schemes or business practices such as would be regarded as unethical.

I agree to conduct myself with the highest principles and to promote cooperation.

I accept the above Code of Ethics and agree to conform to its requirements.

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