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AstroFaces -  This site is a research study focused on determining if there is a recognizable physical resemblance between people with the same Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs. All are invited to participate by contributing photos; the aim is to have all combinations represented. More photos are needed, so send yours in. Or just visit the site to take a look at faces of others with the same sun, moon and ascendant as yours.  This site is slow to load so get ready to relax.
The Planets and Their Children - The beautifully colorful Blockbook on Medieval Popular Astrology contains illustrations of the planets and their "children," or those people influenced by that planet. This comes from mid 15th-century Europe, when the influence of the planets on human beings was of great popular interest. 
bluelogo.jpg (6127 bytes)Astrology Clipart Graphics FREE - These images are free for use on personal home pages. The creator asks that they not be used for commercial pages or in any graphics collections. The quality of the graphics is quite good.

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