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Retrogrades and You (July Education)
by Judy Collins

Retrograde Planets - WHAT DO THEY MEAN?

Apparent Motion Of A Faster Moving Planet Passing A Slower Planet
Energy Patterns You Wish To Repeat In This Lifetime
Planet Appears More Subconscious
They Are Not The Step-Children In Your Chart

Retrograde Planets - WHY DO I HAVE THEM?

Points Out A Planetary Energy Of Concern You Wish To Complete
House Location Is Where You Are Repeating A Planetary Life Lesson
Where It Rules Is Also A Location Of Concern
Gives Information of Past Life Lessons

Retrograde Planets - WHAT CAN I DO WITH THEM?

Delineate The Planet By Aspects To Other Planets
Separating Aspects Are Past Life Experiences . -
Applying Aspects Are This Life’s Lessons
Accept The Planet As An Old Friend
Recognize Your Unique Method Of Working With This Energy


A Gift of "Knowing"
Learn to Trust Intuition
Absorbs Knowledge Rather Than Learns It
House Where Mercury Falls Is The Area Of Prior Knowledge
and Where You Choose To "Play It Out" This Lifetime


More Subjective In Their Desires,
Who & How They Love & Concerns For Financial Freedom
Doesn’t Want To Play By Society’s Rules
Wants To Do "Their Own Thing" With No Judgment


Takes A Different Course In Life
Would Rather Take An Indirect Approach In Life
From Behind The Scenes
Can Not Be Pushed Into Action
Succeeds In Life If Left To Their Own Instincts


Person Seems To Turn Inward In Their Expression
May Be Conflict Over Religion Or Beliefs
Has Learned The Lesson Of When "To Go For It"
and When To "Lay In Wait"
Inwardly Optimistic Individual


Seeks A Different Kind Of Responsibility & Purpose In Life
Builds Character To Accept Small Gains In The Long
Process Of Success
Fears About Having A Sense Of Security
Need To Be Addressed
May Be Challenged By Authority Figures Or Father


Feels More In Control
May Appear To Be More Orthodox
Insights Into Spiritual Laws
Works Within Society’s Rules
Can Develop Principles of Knowledge Easier
For The Masses
Past Life Has Readied Them For The Unexpected


Gives A Passion To Serve-The Need To Be Needed
Spiritual Warriors Of The Universe
Can Call Upon Mystic Side Of The Universe
For Guidance
Learned The Expression Of Service In Last Lifetime
Through Sacrifices The Person Feels Loved & Useful


Brings In More Souls Because Of Duration
Of Retrograde Period
Group Comes To Change The World
Can Control Intense Energy
Manipulates In Covert Ways Without The Desire
To Be In Charge
Wants To Be Part Of The Changes In The World


Retrogrades Are An Important Tool
House Placement & Where It Rules
Retrogrades Should Feel Like An Old Friend
Retrograde Planets Separating Aspects
Are Past Life Experiences
Retrograde Planets Applying Aspects
Are New Life Experiences

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