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  The cost of membership is $30, plus a one-time $3.00 registration fee. Here's what's included in your membership:
A one year subscription to The Arizona Astrologer ($15 value). This is our monthly newsletter which provides information about our upcoming events and speakers. It is also chock full of technique oriented articles written by well known authors/astrologers as well as talented local astrological writers, teachers and lecturers.
Reduced admission prices to the monthly Friday lecture and Saturday workshop.  Admission to Friday's lecture for ASA members is only $4.00 to hear some of the world's leading astrologers share their secret techniques and insights about chart delineation. (Non-members pay $10.00) Admission to Saturday's workshop for ASA members is only $10.00 for a four hour in-depth workshop (non-members pay $15.00).
Discounts at local businesses. Members in good standing receive  discounts from local businesses such as bookstores and book distributors.

Attend any of the monthly lectures and join on the spot! ASA meets the third Friday and Saturday of each month at the Scottsdale Senior Center (location map) where you can conveniently sign up at the door or attend as a guest.

The ASA prides itself on making newcomers feel welcome. Many long time friendships have been forged in the very social atmosphere at the ASA meetings. If you yearn to socialize and share your interest in astrology with like-minded friendly people, then the ASA is the perfect place to connect.

Learn all levels of astrology from world-renowned authors and astrologers and participate in in-depth workshops for a nominal fee that includes all materials. The ASA is for everyone who loves astrology, from the novice to the seasoned professional.

Friday's lecture begins at 7:30 PM and includes refreshments, updates on local classes and events and the opportunity to mingle with some of the Valley's best astrologers. Saturday's workshop begins at noon and often continues the topic of Friday's lecture. Refreshments are served and at the end of the workshop the group adjourns for dinner at one of the Valley's many restaurants.

Meetings and Workshops
Our monthly membership meetings are held on the third Friday of each month (this is subject to change - contact us for details). This general meeting includes a lecture from a world class astrologer. The doors open at 7 PM, the meeting starts at 7:30 PM and the lecture begins at 8:00 PM. The cost is $4 for ASA members and $10 for non-members.

Each month the ASA hosts a four hour workshop conducted by a prominent astrologer. Monthly workshops are held on the Saturday following the Friday lecture. The doors open at 12 noon and the workshop begins at 12:30 PM. The cost for ASA members is $10 and for non-members it is $15. Refreshments are served and at the end of the workshop the group adjourns for dinner at one of the Valley's many restaurants.

The following authors/astrologers are only a few of the many gifted speakers that the ASA has been privileged to bring to its members:

"I have lectured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe for many groups and organizations. It is my experience that the ASA is one of the very best organizations of all. They bring the best and innovative speakers, charge very little to attend these lectures, and create a very positive environment for speakers, as well as the attendees. It is always a pleasure for me to lecture on behalf of the ASA." Jeffrey Green, author of several texts including Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

"ASA is one of the most exciting and dynamic astrology organizations in this country. I have been impressed with the members' astrological expertise and their enthusiastic support of new ideas in our field, as well as the spirit of hospitality, congeniality, and friendship. Participation in the ASA is a sure way to share and grow in our study of astrology."  Demetra George, author of The Asteroid Goddess and Astrology for Yourself Workbook.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with the Arizona Society of Astrologers. The civic secret seems to be cooperation among all astrologers, associations, and bookstores within any given metropolitan area. With such harmony, learning takes off, lecturers do their best, and the astrological Sun shines for all! I'm already looking forward to my return."   Noel Tyl, author of The Astrology of Critical Illness.

"The ASA is the group which I've used as an example on 'How to run a successful Astrology group' in all my lectures worldwide. Nowhere did I meet friendlier people, give me more personal attention, or better accommodations than you great people in Phoenix. But most of all; you are a wonderful audience! Thank you for inviting me and spoiling me. May your next 25 years be as successful as the last 25, and never loose that wonderful enthusiasm you have." Marion D. March, author of The Only Way To Learn Astrology (Series).


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