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Laura DesJardins – "Power of the Nodes, Looking at Past, Present and Future Lives"
By: Ivan Halvorson

After working for 26 years as an Astrologer, Laura DesJardins is convinced the Nodes of the Moon are more important than most people believe. Hindu Astrologers have make extensive use of the Nodes for centuries and Laura DesJardins has studied under some of the best. Here is a brief outline of her lectures.

Friday's Lecture: 

As the moon goes around the planet Earth, it crosses back and forth across the ecliptic. The orbit of the Moon is five degrees inclined to the ecliptic of the Earth. The point in space where the noon crosses the ecliptic and enters the northern hemisphere is called the north node. The point in space were the moon crosses the ecliptic and enters the southern hemisphere is called the south node.

In Hindu astrology these points are called Rahu and Ketu. Rahu symbolizes the giver, cause, and the Dragons head, while Ketu symbolizes the taker, effect, and the Dragons tail.

The North Node (Rahu) deals with the liberation of the soul, while the South Node (Ketu) deals with the karma from past lives and can be thought of as the place where your past life karma entered into your chart.

Eclipses occur at the north and south node points of the ecliptic. When an eclipse occurs at the north node (Rahu) the moon is new. This is known as the day of spiritual darkness because both the Moon and the Sun are dark.

Rahu deals with areas of attachment. If the eclipse occurs at the south node (Ketu) the moon is full (before and after the eclipse). This is known as the day of spiritual light because both day and night are lit. Ketu deals with areas of liberation.

When the planets and signs transit the nodes, our past, present, and future lives reveal their secrets. This gives us a clear indication of the karma we have inherited, what options we have at this time, and what we can expect in the future, given the choices we make today. Let’s follow the Nodes as they moves through the Signs:

South Node in Aries, North in Libra: This symbolizes people who have a heightened sense of attachment to their physical strength (like the ram of Aries) and use their physical body as a focal point in the development of their sense of self. This gives them advantage in the military, police and martial arts, areas where the physical body is critical for success. In order for these people to find balance, they are attracted to people and activities associated with the sign of Libra.

South Node in Taurus, North in Scorpio: This symbolizes people who have developed a strong attachment to the material world. In past lives financial freedom and stability was important. Now, in this incarnation, they may have flash-backs of past financial dealings. These are most likely to occur when the South Node is making an aspect to Venus.

South Node in Gemini, North in Sagittarius: This symbolizes people who gain their sense of identity from mental activity. Rating high on the socializing and communication scale, they often were of the merchant class in past lives. Often they speak more than one language and frequently have strong family connections.

South Node in Cancer, North in Capricorn: This symbolizes a well developed sense of family. These people usually have the skills necessary to keep the family as focal point in life. They have a heightened sense of intuition regarding the feelings and needs of others. However, often they feel a need to be more involved with their community. These issues will be brought into focus when the Nodes are making favorable aspects to Moon.

South Node in Leo, North in Aquarius: This symbolizes people who were of the ruling class in past lives. Presently they have innate leadership abilities and usual possess an Majestic presence. If they have problems in this life it usually involves a lack of humility. If they have misused their power in past lives they may have related issues to resolve. These issues are most clearly viewed and dealt with when the Nodes are making favorable aspects with the Sun.

South Node in Virgo, North in Pisces: This symbolizes people who have a strong attraction to crafts and the healing arts. From past experience, they are quick to identify areas of life where cleansing is needed. They have a strong sense of intricacy.

South Node in Libra, North in Aries: In past lives these people have learned the art of merging through relationships and the give-and-take needed to be united as one. The have learned the art of socialization and now form stable partnerships with ease. Their goal in this life may be to increase their individual sense of self-worth.

South Node in Scorpio, North in Taurus: Here a person has no trouble spending time alone. Their goal is to learn to love without conditions. They have the ability to create with their minds. Often, when they think something it happens in real live.

South node in Sagittarius, North in Gemini: These people often have some aversion to organized beliefs. Remembering harsh lessons from past lives, they now find fixed beliefs intolerable. For these people, Node/Jupiter transits are the best times for reflection.

South Node in Capricorn, North in Cancer: These people have learned the value of hard work and have the ability to rise to the top if they choose to do so. They tend to see through the darkest of times with the least amount of light.

South Node in Aquarius, North in Leo: These people have may unique talents as a result of mastering the art of communication in past lives. They are able to create their own from of rebellion to the more rigid aspects of society.

South Node in Pisces, North in Virgo: This position brings a sense of selflessness and humility. The experience has taught these people to be good listeners. They have a heightened spiritual awareness in this live. Many have brought creative talents with them from past lives.

Saturday Workshop

At Saturday’s workshop Laura worked with several charts from the audience. Here are a few ideas gleaned from her readings:

One chart had the Sun on the South Node. She began, "What I’m going to look for is information about the future. The Sun on the Node definitely can indicate a relationship entering your life. It does not’t have to be an intimate relationship, it can be (acquiring) a grand child or something of that nature." She suggested it could even be a new group of people. When the Sun passes over a node, we often don’t know what is happening to us. For example, if someone fails to phone on that certain day it could be the end of a long relationship, or conversely if you meet someone it could be the beginning of a life long relationship. However, at the time you do not know this.

One chart had no major aspects to the Nodes. Here Laura used the ruler of the signs where the nodes were located. This chart had the nodes on 24 Virgo/Pisces. The north node was in Virgo and the ruler of Virgo is Mercury. In this chart, Mercury was in the sign of Cancer, and squared Mars in Aries.

Laura began, "Mercury in Cancer squared Mars — this is learning the art of diplomacy... and being able to intuit the emotions and feelings of others. The square to Mars is learning to hesitate." Over time you will learn to hesitate until you get to the point where you can work with your newfound energy.

In this chart Venus was at 6 Libra. Venus was squared the ruler of the north node. Laura said, "I think this is really working with people... in the counseling field. Mercury in Cancer is definitely the aspect of the counselor." If you are writing anything you will profit from it. "If you have already written something, bring it back out again."

Laura then turned her attention to the South node on a chart. She said, "This chart has the ruler of the south node in opposition to it’s self. So it is saying she had worked with spiritual groups in past lives and now has to ground herself." She has to find the practical application for her energy within her philosophy and belief system.

For thousands of years Eastern astrologers have used the Nodes to understand the past, present, and future events. So what are you waiting for? Experiment with the Nodes in your charts and discover the joy they can bring to you.

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