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judy.jpg (8357 bytes)The ASA is very fortunate again this year to have professional astrologer, Judy Collins, at the helm of the Education program for the ASA.

The ASA Education Director's duties include the planning of a program of educational activities to increase membership knowledge of astrology through: brief talks at the monthly meetings; classes; the Society’s library; and/or other appropriate activities and research.

Judy's education topics are always UP TO THE MINUTE - TIMELY and she often authors companion articles for the Newsletter.  In addition, Judy is regularly featured as the Predictions for the Coming Year speaker in January.  Contact Judy by email AZSUNJUDY@aol.com.

The December 2000 Meeting Education topic will be:  December Eclipse

Don't you dare miss Judy's article "Wake me when we have a president: The Electoral College" in the December issue of The Arizona Astrologer. 

In past months,  Education topics have included:

Retrogrades and You
The Three Eclipses in July 2000
China Trade Bill - Read the Newsletter Article

Turn of Century, Clinton's oath of office(void of course Moon)
US Charts...Gemini, Sag, Scorpio Rising - Big Picture
Death of Payne Stewart
More about Predictions 2000
Solstice Points, McCain's chart-NASDAQ chart
Arabic Parts
Elian Gonzales - Configuration in Taurus
Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction


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