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  mills.jpg (3908 bytes)Jennie Mills says of her interest in astrology:  "What's a spiritual, scientific, medical, counseling, educator, and intelligent woman like you doing in... Astrology and Stuff like that???  If I've heard this once, I've heard it a thousand times.  I've even enjoyed the laughter of my own foolishness.  What's a woman like me doing in...  Astrology and stuff like that? Because it works. It's exactly because I am a scientific, spiritual, medical, counseling, educator, professional, and an intelligent woman. That's why I study and use the Ancient Wisdom of the Heavens in the science of Astrology and help others to do the same."   Send Jennie email at  You can find her on-line these days at her new website:

lauriR.jpg (5309 bytes)Lauri Randall is a lifetime member of the ASA.  In Lauri's many years of membership she has served in many capacities on the ASA Board of Directors.  She is most remembered for her years as Programs Director and the many Astrology gurus and geniuses from around the world she introduced to the ASA as guest speakers.  Lauri moved to California last year but she still manages the ASA Meeting Notice by Email list.  Send Lauri email at  You can find her on-line these days at:  

TerriMc.jpg (4003 bytes)Terri McCartney is currently the ASA's Vice President.  Terri says she is ..."accurately described as an ordinary person, living an ordinary life (though making effort to do so in an extraordinary way), I have professionally practiced astrology for fifteen years. I am a practically oriented psycho-spiritual astrologer who depends on the insights provided by both Vedic and Western astrology when calculating & reviewing charts."  Terri calls her website Astrology Resources, Products, Services & Sources to assist you on your Journey.  Send Terri email at  You can find her on line at:

celesteT.jpg (4211 bytes)Celeste Teal has been an astrologer since 1975.  She says: "When I first opened a book on the subject of astrology, it was to prove to a friend that it was not a subject to be taken seriously. Instead, it proved to be a turning point for me and became my life's work".  Celeste's book Predicting Events with Astrology was published June 1999.    You can find Celeste on-line at:

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