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October 2000 - Robert Blaschke

FRIDAY NIGHT Lecture - "Sabian Aspect Orbs"
From Volume II in his Astrology: A Language of Life series, Robert will explain a radical new technique of aspect analysis which uses the orb of exactitude as the determinant in understanding the physics behind natal or progressed planetary aspects. Waxing and waning cycle theory, applying and separating aspect dynamics, and the use of the Sabian symbols to define relationships between planets will be presented.

SATURDAY Workshop - "Chiron the Spiritual Messenger"
Since its discovery in 1977, coinciding with the birth of the holistic health movement,  astrologers have been including this eccentric comet in the birth charts of their clients. With a very elliptical orbit of 50 years, Chiron is within the orbit of Saturn when closest to the Sun, and beyond the orbit of Uranus when furthest from the Sun. This symbolic metaphor reveals Chiron to be a spiritual messenger connecting the seen and unseen worlds. The healing abilities, sensitivity to suffering, transmutation of personal sorrow into loving compassion, identification with alternative medicine and acceptance of woundedness that Chiron confers will be illustrated by a discussion of its mythological background. Natal Chiron by sign, house and aspect, synastric and composite Chiron, the Chiron transit cycle and the 1977 discovery chart will be covered in this workshop.


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