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November 2000 - Phillip Sedgwick

FRIDAY NIGHT Lecture - "Centaurs Asbolus and Chariko"

Last month we heard about Chiron.  This month Philip Sedgwick will present a lecture on Chironís friends, The Centaurs.  He will focus on Asbolus and Chariklo.  Who are they? What to they mean?

Centaurs by definition originate in the Kuiper belt, initially discovered by Gerald Kuiper in the 1950ís.  The Kuiper Belt consists of a yet undetermined number of objects made up of frozen gas and dust that orbit in the general vicinity of Pluto and Neptune. Centaur loosely translates toĒ those who round up BullsĒ.  Philip will explain the mythology of these half-human, half horse creatures.  Chiron is a Centaur having its roots in the Kuiper Belt.  To date, the following Centaurs exist:  Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome.

On Friday night Philip will give us more information on these Centaurs, especially focusing on Asbolus (representing conflict resolution) and Chariklo, Chironís wife, (representing boundary issues).  The ephemeris for the Centaurs 1900-2050 will be available for sale.

Philip will print out a personal chart with your Centaur positions for the Friday night lecture.  Please e-mail your first and last name with your birth data to  He will do this through e-mail only (no phone calls). Deadline to get your data to him  is November 16th.

Philip began his study of astrology in 1969 while serving in the US Navy.  He started consulting professionally in 1975 and became f full time astrologer in 1981.  Philip has examined the effects of galactic phenomena on Astrology and is an astrological authority on the comet Halley.  Philip is the author of four books:  The Astrology of Transcendence, The Astrology of Deep Space, The Sun at the Center and the Sky of the Soul.

Philip has produced a Centaur Ephemeris that lists the positions of the Centaurs for the first day of each month for the years 1900-2050.  This will be available for sale on Friday night.  Philip is available for Deep Space and Centaur readings.  He can be contacted at (602) 451-3070.  Also, check out Space Scopes @ and other astrology articles @

SATURDAY Workshop - As always there is no Saturday workshop in November


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