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July 2000 - Nelda Louise Tanner
nelda.jpg (4726 bytes)Nelda is a national speaker and has studied astrology since 1969. For the past 10 years she has counseled and taught astrology on a professional level. She is very active in the Cosmobiology Research Foundation and the NCGR Declination Sig. She is President of RightLeft Graphics, and designs charts and graphs. In the 1970’s she studied numerology with her sister-in-law in Southern California. They learned techniques not put out to the general public and thought they should write about them. They were compiling and documenting information when Nelda’s sister-in-law died. As the universe has its own way of getting things done – a student that Nelda had taught numerology to came forth and said she would help. The book was printed a year later. "Changing Your Life With Numbers".  You can reach Nelda by email or Fax 520-636-6287.

Friday night: "Life Diagram by Declinations"
I will explain what declinations are and how to use them. Declinations are as important as longitudes. We will cover mundane and personal charts. I will discuss Planets Out of Bounds and Solar Longitude Equivalent to Declinations. I put out a chart called "Life Diagram by Declinations" that shows your life by declination in graphic form. I charge $20.00 for the graph plus instructions on how to read it.

Saturday Workshop: "Numerology and Your Life Path"
This will be a hands - on workshop, you will learn how to set up a Numerology Chart, progress the chart, and learn yearly triangles (What energies you are using in a given year). We will cover what you need to do in this lifetime (as shown in the numerology chart) and what your Life Path is. You can compare this to your Astrology Chart. I have found they always compliment one another. The Numerology Chart is very clear in helping you understand the whys and how-comes of your life.


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