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January 2001 - Judy Collins
"Predictions 2001"
Judy Collins, Education DirectorJudy Collins is a practicing Astrologer/Counselor in Scottsdale, AZ and the Education Director of the Arizona Society of Astrologers. Judy began studying astrology in 1973.  Her specialty is her love of Mundane Astrology, which she considers to be the most neglected of all the types of astrology.  She is particularly interested in the political, financial, major news stories and geological events.  Judy has had ongoing astrology classes for over 25 years previously in Maryland and since moving to Arizona in 1988.  Judy is serving her second term as Education Director for the Arizona Society of Astrologers.  Judy was a speaker at the 2000 AFA Convention on the Stock Exchange.  She has also lectured at the Cosmobiology Convention.  Her passion is teaching and doing workshops for other astrologers on how to hone their skills in all types of chart reading.  Judy is currently working on a book, “Karmic Astrology - a Look Back, the Present and to Your Futures Lives.”  You can email Judy at

FRIDAY NIGHT Lecture - "Predictions 2001"
This is the third year Judy Collins has given her predictions for the upcoming year. This year she will highlight the upcoming presidential administration, the charts of the President and Vice President, along with the Winter Ingress chart for the United States.  Judy will give us her thoughts on the Inauguration chart as to how the term of office will unfold.  Predictions for the United States and Arizona will be discussed.  Also past and future trends for the NYSE and NASDAQ and the internet will be  covered.  She will include the Eclipses for 2001 and other timely topics and personalities. 

SATURDAY Workshop - "Choosing the Right Date, Electional Astrology"
The following electional charts will be explained with rules and possible timing for events:  Marriage - picking a good day for a long lasting marriage.  Surgery - covering good and bad times for surgery.  Home - Are you ready to buy or sell your home?  Business - Rules for setting up a business with only one individual as owner. Be sure to bring your natal chart on a transparency with current Solar Arc Progressions on a bi-wheel. 


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